• For decades, Aloe has ranked among the top 20 best selling herbals-consistently growing at rates greater than the industry
  • Ranked in Top 10 by Food and Drink New Product Development Executives as important ingredient for Digestive health and Skincare over the next 5 years
  • Top 10 ranking for Aloe vera in World-wide new product launches (2006-2007):
    • Skincare
    • Shampoos & Conditioners
    • Laundry Soaps & Detergents
    • Dish Soaps & Dish Detergents
    • Fabric Softeners
  • Aloe’s traditional health promoting benefits are supported by nearly 700 published scientific and clinical studies
  • Aloe vera contains more than 200 biologically active amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, mineral, enzymes and sterols
  • Aloe is an integral part of traditional Ayurvedic medicine in India and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) throughout Asia
  • Aloe ranks #2 most traditionally and frequently used ingredient in both Hispanic culture (behind only chamomile) and in Asian culture (behind only red Ginseng)

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