The Aloecorp Difference

We take pride in being the first and only Aloe vera grower and manufacturer to go beyond mere quality analysis

The world leader in production of high-quality Aloe vera

We provide the highest quality Aloe vera raw materials for Food, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industries around the world by continuously improving our operations and quality systems, conducting scientific research, maintaining clean efficient operations and providing excellent customer service that exceeds expectations.

The difference is in our quality and our service

Aloecorp has the highest quality Aloe vera products available. Both of our product lines, ACTIValoe® and CERTIFIED PLUS® contain the highest standard of quality available. Manufacturers whose products contain ACTIValoe® may be given the opportunity to include the ACTIValoe® logo on their product packaging, as well as obtain additional technical support, testing and research. Our full-service experts guide product manufacturers on creating successful applications of our Aloe vera as a healthy food ingredient, beverage, supplement or more. Nature’s “succulent” functional ingredient, Aloe vera can help to improve gastrointestinal health, support the immune system, reduce wrinkles and maintain healthy cholesterol. Learn more about the benefits and applications of Aloe vera >>

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