Careful Cultivation and Processing Provides Superior Products

Aloecorp is the leading producer of quality Aloe vera raw materials including gels, whole leaf, liquid concentrates and powders. We produce the highest quality products using quality control parameters including devices for analyzing chemical and physical characteristics, and in-vitro assays for monitoring biological activity. We are the only supplier with a full range of biological, chemical and medicinal R&D capabilities.

Our U.S. farms began in Texas in the Rio Grande Valley. In 1988, Aloecorp purchased Hilltop Gardens, which in 1939 was the first commercial Aloe vera farm in the U.S.

Aloecorp de Mexico

As Aloe vera leaves are sensitive to subfreezing temperatures and arctic cold fronts moving through Southern Texas can be ruinous to an Aloe vera processing schedule, Aloecorp decided to grow a large supply of Aloe vera leaves further south, in Mexico. We started farming in Mexico on land at the southern tip of Tamaulipas, Gonzalez.

Aloecorp de la Peninsula

As the demand for Aloe vera continued to increase, we acquired farmland 10 miles east of the city of Campeche. In 2022, we will be expanding as our second Aloe vera production facility – also located in Campeche – ramps up production.