Scientific Affairs

Biological Activity — Guaranteed

Aloecorp guarantees the biological activity of aloe by demonstration of efficacy in clinical trials. You can depend on Aloecorp to provide the best ingredient so that your customers can expect the best from your products. Aloecorp simply provides the most extensively tested Aloe vera available.

Although certification has created a level playing field and is good for the consumer, it doesn’t guarantee the retention of biologically active polysaccharides. ACTIValoe® is the difference between merely having aloe inside a product and the enhanced therapeutic and health benefits of having ACTIValoe® inside.

The retention of the medium to higher molecular weight acetylated polymannan polysaccharides is responsible for much of the biological activity found in Aloe vera. Further, research shows that polysaccharide molecular weight plays a crucial role in the potency of Aloe vera.

Aloe vera is widely used as a skin moisturizing agent, but its efficacy as a moisturizing agent remains mostly anecdotal. In this study (results shown in the chart below) we evaluate the effect of ACTIValoe® on skin hydration. Results show that ACTIValoe® significantly increased hydration of the skin within one hour after application. Additionally, after two weeks of daily applications, formulations containing ACTIValoe® showed no trans epidermal water loss, demonstrating the ingredient does not interfere with skin barrier function critical for protection from the environment.

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