Company History

Aloecorp founder and Chairman, the late honorable Yun-Ho Lee, was the first to introduce the amazing Aloe plant to Korea after experiencing its life-changing benefits in helping to fight his own chronic illness. To further his research on the effects of Aloe use, Mr. Lee developed 3 acres of greenhouses in the early 1970s. His research proved to almost single-handedly change the population’s perception and appreciation of high quality, all natural health supplements. In fact, Mr. Lee quickly became Korea’s recognized and celebrated pioneer in the cultivation and growth of Aloe. With unprecedented focus and investment in the research and development of natural medicines, Mr. Lee stood solidly at the helm of the company that soon became Aloecorp.

Aloecorp continued to experience a sustained increase in demand for high quality, meticulously grown Aloe which eventually far outgrew the production capacities of Mr. Lee’s domestic farms. To meet this growth, the original Aloecorp farms in Korea were soon complemented by an impressive 520 acres of prime Aloe-producing farmland in the verdant Rio Grande Valley of Texas, USA. With rich, sedimentary soil that produces ultra high quality and large, succulent and abundant Aloe leaves, this exclusive farmland-Hilltop Gardens- is where Aloecorp has revolutionized the commercial production of Aloe and quite literally changed the entire industry. As today’s undisputed leader in bioactive Aloe vera ingredients since 1988, Aloecorp’s extensive and increasing number of farms in Texas, Mexico and China continue to painstakingly grow each premium Aloe vera plant without the use of pesticides, then carefully harvest and gently process the leaves into world-class Aloe ingredients and end products.

Company Overview:

1988 April 5th Grand Opening of Aloecorp
1989 Purchased plantation in Gonzalez, Mexico
1990 Completed building of manufacturing facility in Gonzalez, Mexico
1992 First Aloe raw material supplier with full line of products certified pure by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC)
1993 Held the first European Aloe Conference in Germany
1995 Acquired Kosher Certification
1996 Developed 100% pure Spray Dried Aloe vera Powder
1997 Opened Haikou Branch Sales Office in China
2001 Purchased additional 200 acres of cropland in Graciano, Mexico
2003 Acquired ISO 9001 Certification
2004 Acquired Organic farm Certification in Gonzalez, Mexico
Acquired Halal Product Certification in Lyford, Texas
Relocated corporate headquarters from Broomfield, Colorado to Lacey, Washington
Acquired Organic Product Certification in Lyford, Texas
2005 Grand opening for new manufacturing facility in Lyford, Texas
2007 Acquired Panuco farm (200ha) in Veracruz, Mexico
2009 Began new manufacturing facility construction in Gonzalez, Mexico
Acquired organic farm certification in Veracruz, Mexico
2010 Self Affirmed GRAS